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Author: Made Suksma Prijandhini Devi Salain

The Battle of Forms Existence under Indonesian Contract Law: An Effort to Harmonize Development of International Sale of Goods Contract Law

Hal. 141 - 168

Author: Riyad Febrian Anwar, Maskun, Rafika Ramli

In Search of the Best Practice for Refugee Status Determination in Indonesia: The Asia-Pacific Perspective

Hal. 103 - 140

Author: Aryuni Yuliantiningsih, Ade Maman Suherman, Noer Indriati, Wismaningsih

The Problems of the Implementation of Law Enforcement in Exclusive Economic Zone under UNCLOS 1982 and in Indonesia’s Experiences

Hal. 81 - 102

Author: Bayu Sujadmiko, Rudy Natamihardja, Intan Fitri Meutia, Resma Dwi Heldiyanti

Indonesia’s Response to Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty- Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS MLI)

Hal. 45 - 80

Author: Heribetus Jaka Triyana

Diplomatic and Consular Protection for Indonesian Nationals Abroad in Time of Emergency

Hal. 1 - 44

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