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Author: Adi Kusumaningrum

Development of International Air Law: Between Theory and Practice in Indonesia

Hal. 1 - 28

Author: Budi Hermawan Bangun and Fatma Muthia Kinanti

Cross-Border Trade in PLBN Aruk and The Fulfillment of Community Welfare Rights (A Socio-Legal Studies)

Hal. 29 - 50

Author: Koesrianti

Maximising the Indonesian Demographic Bonus in Tapping the Benefits of Single Market and Production Base of AEC

Hal. 51 - 72

Author: Ayub Torry Satriyo Kusumo

The Protection of Refugee Right in Indonesia: The Strive for Human Rights Protection in Pandemic Era

Hal. 73 - 92

Author: Maria Maya Lestari

Mammal Fish on Route at the Indonesian Archipelagic Sea Lanes Passage

Hal. 93 - 116

Author: Atip Latipulhayat

Aircraft Accident Investigation: Technical or Judicial?

Hal. 117 - 138

Author: M.Reza Syariffudin Zaki and M. Farhan Akmal

Indonesia’s Legal Response in Handling Covid-19 Pandemic Based on International Law

Hal. 139 - 166

Author: Syafrinaldi and M. Rizqi Azmi

Legal Means to Ratification of International Agreements for the Development of International Economic Law in Indonesia

Hal. 167 - 190

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